"I no more understand why I can hear the spirits speak than I understand why you cannot."


Slayer of Mauler

Speed 5
Health 10
Stamina 4
Defense 1 Gray
Might 2
Knowledge 2
Willpower 3
Awareness 4

Hero Ability
When a minion monster begins its activation adjacent to you, it is Stunned.

Heroic Feat
Action: Choose a monster within 3 spaces of you. Each monster in that monster group is Stunned.

Flash Powder

Experience Spent 5, Earned 5

Stoneskin (0): When you or a hero within 3 spaces of you is attacked, before dice are rolled, exhaust this card to add 1 additional gray die to that hero’s defense pool. Cost 1 Fatigue.

Nature’s Bounty (2): Each time you recover Fatigue by resting, you also recover Hearts equal to the amount of Fatigue recovered.

Cloud of Mist (2): Action: Exhaust this card. While this card is exhausted, each attack that targets a space within 3 spaces of you misses unless the attacker spends 1 Surge. Cost 1 Fatigue.

Healing Rain (1): Action: Roll 1 red power die. Each hero within 3 spaces of you (including yourself) recovers hearts equal to the hearts rolled. Cost 2 Fatigue.


One day just over a year ago, Ashrian walked out of the Whispering Forest knowing not a word of either the Common Speech or the Latari tongue. She did, however, know the uses of every herb that grows in Terrinoth, the secret ways of traveling unseen through the forest, and the language of the spirits, which can speak directly to a person’s mind if they are willing to hear. Never staying in one place for more than a few days, Ashrian has traveled the length and breadth of Terrinoth, and her command of the Common Speech, Latari, and a dozen other tongues besides is now quite strong. Ashrian refuses to speak of her home, her people, or her past, declaring that instead she wishes to think of the future, and how to make it better.


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