Widow Tarha

"I have nothing left to lose. Yet, there is so much more power for me to gain."


Speed 4
Health 10
Stamina 4
Defense 1 Gray
Might 2
Knowledge 4
Willpower 3
Awareness 2

Hero Ability
Once per round, after you roll a dice for an attack, you may reroll 1 attack or power die. You must keep the new result.

Heroic Feat
Action: Perform an attack. This attack affects 2 different monsters in your line of sight. 1 attack roll is made but each monster rolls defense dice separately. Both monsters are considered targets of your attack.

Magma Blast

Experience Spent 1, Earned 1

Raise Dead: Action: Place your Reanimate familiar token in an empty space adjacent to you. You may control only 1 Reanimate at a time. You may discard your Reanimate token at any time during your turn. Cost 1 Fatigue.

Fury of Undeath (1XP): Action: Exhaust this card to activate your Reanimate. Your Reanimate still activates this turn as normal. Cost 1 Fatigue.

Speed: 3 Health: 4 Defense: None Attack: 1 Blue and 1 Red
This familiar is treated as a figure but cannot recover any amount of Hearts. It may perform 1 attack action during its activation. Each attack made by this familiar gains: Surge: +1 Damage.


Young, beautiful, and full of joy, Tarha once seemed destined for a long, happy life in the traditional vein: a strong husband, many strong children, and a respected place in her tribe. What more could an orc maiden wish for? But after her husband was murdered by soldiers who couldn’t be bothered to distinguish a law-abiding orc from a savage invader, Tarha’s life turned sour. Her earlier studies in the mystic arts turned toward darkness and forbidden lores, until she might have strength enough to protect not just the orcs, but all downtrodden and oppressed peoples everywhere. Ultimately, Tarha was exiled by her tribe for her obsession, but she is now past caring. Sometimes called Tarha the Twice-Widowed, she will do anything and pay any price to achieve her goals.

Widow Tarha

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