A devout battle cleric, Avric Albright who is skilled in both combat and the art of mending the wounded.

The mystical druid Ashrian, commands a mastery of the spirit world and can speak many tongues and can be found useful in countless situations.

A oft-drinking dwarven mercenary by the name of Grisban the Thirsty. Fierce in battle and at the bar.

A retired military scout, Jain Fairwood. Jain was the only survivor of an entire command in one of the random border wars a few years back. Her ability to survive is surpassed by few.

With much convincing a mage by the moniker Leoric of the Book also is in the company of the heroes. His knowledge and power is as vast as his ego.

A truly heroic knight of the Latari elves, Syndrael still searches the lands to find out why her noble lord was declared a traitor to her people. Whilst searching she seizes the opportunity to fight injustices throughout the land.

Of course every band needs a gnome and or a thief. Tomble Burrowell fills both of these most critical needs.

Finally, there is the Widow Tarha. Her most unfortunate tale has gifted her with the unique talent of command of the dead. Such a talent can be beneficial during dire times.


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