Prologue - A New Threat

With the recent resurgence of chaos and strife amongst the lands of Rhynn and Carthridge rumors abound. Monster raids, the walking dead, ancient artifacts, one can’t wander too far from the safety of Arhynn’s gates without hearing about the doom coming for Terrinoth.

Lately, however; the rumor mills have switched focus to an older terror that has made herself known once more: Valyndra, mother to the terrible hybrids – dragonkin that walk like men. The self-styled Wyrm Queen is said to be consorting with other foul forces. Seeing that her lair in the Carthmounts could supply several armies, this does not bode well.

Worse yet, some say that a recent find of aurium resides in the Vigil Mines. It is said the metal shines like gold and forges like the finest steel. You do not dare think of the consequences should Valyndra acquire such a powerful resource.

In light of these rumors Baron Greigory has requested the services of High Mage Quellen and his guardian Reynhart the Worthy.

Just as they approached the border of the Carthmounts they both pause as two figures hastily approach them on horseback.

Fearing the worst, Quellen waves his hand and a magic orb begins floating nearby crackling with energy. The stone is primed and ready to explode with arcane force at a moments notice. Reynhart grabs the massive two-handed sword that was slung over his back and takes a central stance upon the path in between the oncomers and Quellen.

Soon they can make out the riders to be an elf in forest garb with wild hair and a small gnome figure bouncing around wildly on a steed that is clearly too massive for him to control. Now in plain sight, Quellen and Reynhart drop their guard as they can see the mounts barding to be consistent with Baron Greigory’s steeds.

Elven Rider: Hail, friend. We come at Baron Greigory’s request.

The rider tosses a sealed scroll with the Baron’s insignia to Reynhart who then takes it to Quellen for inspection. Quellen glances over the document absorbing its contents rapidly.

Quellen: Well then you must be Ashrian, and that one Tomble.

Ashrian nods as Tomble in turn grins childishly while simultaneously tumbling off the horse to his feet beside the beast.

Tomble: ‘nough of that. Gimme a fine pony o’er these smelly critters any day.

Ashrian smiles: Was quite a venture catching up to you two. Had to constantly feed the steeds stamina potion infused apples.

Quellen: Well, that was quite clever.

Ashrian: A fellow named Leoric came up with the idea.

Quellen: Leoric is in Arhynn?

Ashrian: You know each other?

Quellen: Aye, it has been some time though.

Reynhart clears his throat: We should get to it Master Quellen.

With the abrupt cease to social pleasantries the four gear up and continue down the primary road to the Carthmounts.

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Prologue - A New Threat

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