Reynhart's Journal

Our first encounter in the Carthmounts

The battle was quick and bloody. I drew first blood by slaying a barghest with all my might. Its death howl however called out more of its pack brothers and the battle raged on.

With each swing of my sword another fell and yet another came. Cleaving into another my guard dropped long enough for the pack leader to sink its fang deep into my ribs. The blood soaked my undertunic instantly.

If it was not for the gnome tossing me a health poultice I may not have been long for this plane. With Ashrian’s warning I charged into the flesh monger’s heading off their exit. Mid charge the dragon’s flame from above scorched the earth leaving a fiery wasteland of a battlefield.

With as much valor as I could muster I battled the flesh moulder clan before taking an arcane blast to the temple that knocked me to the ground. Later I was told there I lay burning on the ground just long enough for the gnome to kick me in my still open wound hard enough to rouse me back to consciousness.

All I could do is stand and continue the good fight. With all my might I grabbed my family’s ancestral battle horn and blew it with all my breath right before fatally cleaving into a moulder dropping it in pieces to the burning dirt below.

Behind me I heard Quellen curse in some unknown tongue and I soon realized that we were surrounded by more barghests behind us and moulders in front. With little left in me I thrust my greatsword into the belly of yet another barghest which unleashed another horrible howl.

Enraged with the loss of yet another barghest the pack leader leaped straight at me with anger in its eyes. Fatigued beyond my means, bleeding, and burning I could not help but join the darkness where I sent so many foul creatures.

Ascending into the heavens ready to meet my forefathers in the afterlife, I suddenly was pulled back into the fight by a magical power restoring life and strength into my limbs. With sword in hand and heart set to purpose, I tightened my grip eager to slay more beasts.

But then all of a sudden the enemy scattered. While I was gone for but a moment the villainous beasts had escaped with their prize in hand. Next time they will pay. My blade is ready and I yet live to fight another day!

Reynhart's Journal

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